My name’s Ian Smith and I’m an IT consultant and Artist who lives in Pulborough in West Sussex.

My hobbies are cycling, walking, reading, painting and drawing, and riding my Honda Fireblade, which I never tire of.  I’ve recently added photography to my list, but my art is a part time business and my main passion. highres_263329504


I was overweight for thirty years, having tried many ways to diet but not addressing my lifestyle issues.  Over the last year and a bit I’ve managed to not only lose almost fifty pounds, but to keep it off.  I thought that perhaps the methods I’d used might help others who have struggled and continue to struggle with weight issues, and that’s why weight loss articles appear in this blog.

On the right, you can see my ‘Before the diet’ picture which was taken back in 2014 and shows me as happy and smiling but still with the extra weight.

In the background is one of my works of art.  There’s also one in the header.


This site shows my art and news about it, along with articles showing ways that you can safely get to and maintain a healthy weight.

This is me 49 pounds lighter competing in a sportive in Hampshire.  I’d just cycled 20 miles with another 10 to go to the finish so not so much of the smiling in this one – more grim determination to get up that ****** hill!

Sportive Riding

I hope that you like the art articles and that you draw inspiration from the weight loss pages if you need help with slimming and weight control.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.