Sites that I recommend

Any blogger will tell you that the last thing you want to do is add links to other people’s sites.  People will click on them and leave your site, and perhaps not come back.

This site is about you, and not me, and I figure they’ll remember where they heard about a site that turned out great and revisit to see if there’s any more suggestions.

This site is my dieting story.  It may not work for you for a number of reasons.  If it doesn’t or you simply want to see more information than I can provide, take a look at these:  (Just one for the moment).

The sites below are ones that I would recommend you visit to:

  • Aid your dieting or
  • Improve your own blog

British Heart Foundation

In particular take a look at their Facts not Fads Guide.  I cover a fair bit of ground but this guide, which I’ve actually bought off them (it has some great stuff in it) and their site are well worth looking at.  You can view the guide on their web pages but they’ll also send you a printed version for a donation.


See the restrictions on WordPress accounts and how you can legitimately overcome them.

All the best.


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