Establishing your BMI

The First Step to a Healthier You

Hi and Welcome!

Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle and leave dieting behind you for good then this may be perfect for you!

It will help you lose weight and keep it off, and is designed to pass on my experience of losing weight, and the techniques I’ve used to reduce my weight, and maintain it at a safe level, for just over 15 months.  It isn’t really a diet, because they are temporary.  Its more a set of guidelines that will help you to see how to eat and drink and exercise in a way that lets you drop your weight steadily and healthily.

My blog doesn’t contain a miracle cure. The guidelines I’m going to be showing you need a reasonable degree of work and commitment, but I’m confident that most people will be able to use them to achieve a healthy weight.

They say that you should visualise your goals and that that makes them easier to work towards and achieve.


When I started I had been reading articles about Diabetes and heart disease, and its growing prevalence in the UK, and this had persuaded me that I simply had to do something about my weight to lower my risk factors.  I probably scared myself into action, but at the end of the day this was useful because it gave me a strong reason for maintaining losing weight.was centred around dropping my weight enough to get myself into a safer BMI.  When I got closer to the weight I wanted it made me realise that half of what was realised at the end hadn’t even been in my mind. (more on that later though).  What are your goals? How will losing weight help you?

The problem I faced, as so many others must do, is that I’d tried a lot of different techniques for losing weight but had found that none of them worked, or at least not for me.  Sure I’d lose substantial weight when I started, but this would soon pile back on after a couple of weeks – yoyo dieting I think they call it.


I’d read in a British Heart Foundation guide that losing weight is simple.  It didn’t seem like Rocket Science – If you use more calories than you take in, you’ll lose weight.

Again, if you use more calories than you take in, you’ll lose weight.

Normally you have to wade through pages and pages of text to get to something useful in help pages, but here in this first part of the blog, you’ve just read the one crucial bit of information you need to turn things around.

Knowing it and doing it are of course two completely different things, and there are a lot of things that I’ve learnt that help in applying it.  In the blog pages that follow, I hope that what starts off simply as a blog, will become, through your participation, something organic and truly helpful. My objective is to show you how you can apply this one simple fact to losing weight and keeping it off, for good.

By the way, there’s no tie in to weight loss products or an attractive looking E-book with ’all the information you need’ that only costs a small fortune.  There’s also no affiliate advertising littering the pages and making the articles difficult to read.

This information is free and this is because I just want to share techniques that I’ve found have reduced my weight, improved my health and made life a lot easier. They also make life a lot easier for my car!

I don’t it has to be said, have fancy qualifications for handing out this advice.  It is purely methods I’ve found that work, after thirty years of being overweight and using methods that hadn’t.  (I managed to lose 3 and a half stone, or 49 pounds).  There’s a picture of what I used to look like on the About page.

If nothing else has worked in your bid to lose weight, I am confident that the guidelines I’d like to show you, will.

Ok, if you’re on board, I have some homework for you to do.

Don’t rush off – It’s not a lot !

You need your weight to establish a starting point.  Don’t worry – You won’t be telling others what it is.  You’ll need it to determine a starting point and with the help of the next article in the series, plan out a weight loss schedule.

So, please find out your weight and then read the next article which helps you put together a safe and just as importantly, realistic schedule for reaching your ideal weight.


See you soon.



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