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The elephant wasn’t brilliant but it was a start

The title describes how I started drawing thirteen years ago.

elephant - crop-brightened

I was bored, had found a pencil and an A4 pad and thought I’d have a go, although I’d always thought that I couldn’t draw.  This was my first drawing.

Understandable if you think at this stage that you agree and that I can’t draw.





This was what it was based on:

Its not photographed at exactly the angle I used when I drew it.

My drawing could have been a lot worse as a first picture ever. (after the really bad scribblings I did at Junior school that is).




red drive 105



A little while later, I tried my hand at a portrait of Kylie.

I know – understatement to say it needs a bit of work.

It is almost recognisable though!



Scarlet Johannson






Roll forward a year.

I thought by this stage that I’d sort of grasped the rudiments, but I maintain I still have a long way to go.






The Ferrari at the top of the blog is my first acrylic art picture, and was my first foray into pop art.  I no longer have it so I must have been doing something right.








I’d like to use this blog to diary where my art is going, and show how I moved from the Elephant, bear and Kylie pictures to the later pictures you see here.

Happy to receive comments – critical or otherwise.

If you’ve liked reading this short intro, it would be nice to see you come back for the next instalment in one week, which is to do with how to start drawing.

Please like or follow but no probs if its not your cup of tea.

For the slimming followers, hope your diet is still going well.  You can use the category thingy on the right hand side to see the weight control articles if art’s not your thing.  

Tarrah for now.  Ian.









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