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Hi and welcome back.

To be honest, those of you looking for another thrilling instalment of weight loss advice (wouldn’t it be good if I could have used a sarcastic font there), may be disappointed.

I believe my editorial inspiration in the direction of loosing weight has run out completely.  I’ve been delaying putting a new post up because of this.  I can’t think of anything I haven’t already mentioned, that will assist you with losing weight, or at least not right now.  (Of course as soon as I publish this, I’ll think of something).

It did occur to me though that I could use my WordPress site for something else, or more something else at the same time.  Some of you wonderful followers may stay for this, but if you’re only after slimming tips etc, then I think not.

I will be changing this site completely so that it’s main role will be holding blogs about my art of which this is an example:

LiveDieRepeat - Copy


There wasn’t an ulterior motive to me starting my blogs at WordPress on losing weight, to draw in an audience for my art – there are a loads of much easier ways.  I naively thought that I had enough material to sustain a permanent blog about weight loss and it looks like I was misguided.

I’m paying WordPress for the site, so I just want to use it to advantage and I’m sure you’ll understand.  I will still be publishing the odd weight loss blog, and I’ll make it obvious when I do.  I just don’t want to start putting on fluff about losing weight that won’t be worth reading, just to maintain the blogs old direction.  You don’t have to go far on the web to see that all over the place with blogs.

For those that are interested, or might be interested in my art, which has recently taken a refreshing new direction, then I don’t think I’ll fall into the same problem of having nothing to add because its my main hobby and part time business and I can gabble on (hopefully some of it good gabble) about it for hours.

I think my previous blogs are worth revisiting because I think I’ve put some reasonable copy there so I’ll leave them here, and like I say I’ll be adding the odd weight loss blog now and again.  I’ve added a category selection widget so you can select to view art or weight loss articles.

Hopefully some of you will stay on to see how this develops, and to keep up with my weight loss posts when I add them.  If not, I understand completely and wish you the best of luck with your weight loss, and sincerely thank you for following my first blog.

Bye for now.




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